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Phones included in the monthly cost

Cordless & Desktop Models Available

Super Simple Setup

Keep Your Existing Number

Unlimited Nationwide Minutes

Price Includes All Taxes, Fees, and Surcharges

The perfect solution for a…



Dentist’s Office

Real Estate Company



Coffee Shop

Convenience Store

Insurance Agency

CPA Firm

Eye Doctor

Staffing Agency

Retail Store

Doctor’s Office

Car Dealership

Attorney’s Office

IT Service Provider

Day Spa

Synfone Freedom includes all the necessary business phone system features including


Mobile App

Caller ID

Custom Music On Hold

Call Forwarding

Extension-to-Extension Calling


Voicemail Transcription

and more

Our simple 3 step setup process

Connect the DECT Base Station to Your Network

Place the Handset or Desk Phones in the Desired Locations

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Businesses have been trusting their phone system and service to Synfone since 2009. Don’t waste another dollar or minute on a restrictive phone company.

Make the switch and experience the freedom.

Join the revolution.

Synfone Freedom

  • Free phone promotion constitutes free equipment rental. Phones remain the property of FS Comm and are free for use to Synfone Freedom subscribers during the term of the agreement.
  • Reliable, high-speed internet connection required.
  • Automatic monthly payment or annual payment required.
  • Free phone promotion requires activation on a 2-year service agreement.
  • Offer only valid for new Synfone customers.