Pulse Check – Synfone

Synfone Pulse Check is now being offered at no additional cost to Synfone Ultimate subscribers.

Robocalls are more than just annoying and they’re having an impact on your business.

With an estimated 150 million robocalls being made each day, time is being stolen from your business with each robocall answered.

Your staff is being tied up with robocalls while legitimate calls go unanswered impacting overall customer satisfaction.

Repeatedly answering robocalls or calls with dead air frustrates your staff and impacts how they sound when they answer calls from real callers.

What doesn’t work?

Waiting – The number of robocalls is exponentially increasing as bad actors simplify their processes and bolster resources using the profits gained from their victims.

Blacklisting – SPAM calls come from a combination of legitimate and fake numbers that the perpetrators use in a process called “spoofing”. If you blacklist a number that the fraudster used, you may be keeping legitimate callers from being able to reach your business.

Why Synfone Pulse Check does work

Preemptive – Synfone Pulse Check stops SPAM calls before they can be passed to your staff and interrupt your business.

Whitelisting – Phone numbers belonging to legitimate callers are added to an “approved” list so no real callers are ever stopped from reaching your business.

Simple – Phone numbers are marked safe with a single keypress and the process doesn’t have to be repeated for previously approved numbers.

Ready to stop the bots from attacking your business?

Pulse Check – Synfone