How does my phone number get converted to your service?

We have a simple form that you will fill out. This gives us permission to “port” your number into Synfone. This process typically takes 1-2 weeks but can require additional time depending on several factors including the company you are porting away from and current work loads.

Who do I call for support and questions concerning service?

We have a direct rep support model. The Synfone rep that assisted in the sale and installation of your service will be your dedicated representative for support. In the event that they are unavailable we have additional support representatives on staff. We have found that this direct support model works extremely well since the there is an intimate knowledge of your environment.

Will I still need to keep my existing phone lines?

No. You don’t need to keep any phone lines active for phone service at your location. Synfone services run completely through the internet. You will need to ensure you provide alternate connections for alarm systems, postage meters, credit card terminals and other non-phone equipment.

What equipment do we need to purchase?

We recommend and sell Polycom phones. We have found through years of service and testing that they are the most reliable and well designed phones. The cost of the phones range from around $130-$300 depending on features and capabilities. See a more complete list here. In some instance where the network configuration is more complex, we may recommend an edge device to prioritize the VoIP traffic.

What happens with my fax machine? Where do I plug it in?

Fax machines can be connected to Synfone via the fax machine adapter shown on the optional equipment page. Alternatively, our fax service can be accessed using a web portal, desktop application or email. You can learn more about our fax service here.

How much bandwidth is required for cloud-based voice service?

We recommend an office have at least 10 Mb download and 3 Mb upload speeds for every 5 VOIP phones. We use the highest quality CODEC available which means, each phone call uses about 100kbps of bandwidth.