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Keep it simple, keep it fair.

Our approach is simple, no hidden fees or charges for truly unlimited service.

We understand that running your business is enough to keep you busy so having to check your phone bill every month for new or changing charges is a hassle. Unlike other providers that are constantly trying to increase your rates or charging for minutes or additional services, we have decided on a simpler model.


Are you paying a monthly support fee for phone system maintenance and support?
Do you incur charges when you need to add a voicemail box or change the name on an extensions?
Are you being billed extra charges for using too many minutes?
Are you being billed for long distance calls?

Why pay more when these services are included with Synfone?


We offer several types of service and will help you to identify what you need, provide you with a custom solution, and charge you the agreed upon monthly service cost that will not change unless you add or remove services.

A “no worries” phone service that includes unlimited inbound and outbound calling as well as an unlimited number of concurrent call paths. Plus a completely managed phone system so when you need changes made or options updated, you contact us and we handle it for you. Learn More…

A lower cost option that is primarily priced based on the number of call paths and extensions needed to operate your organization smoothly. We still completely manage the phone system for you so that you can focus your attention on your clients. Learn More…

Synfone Classic
Synfone Trunks

Whether you are a large enterprise with an onsite PBX or small retail shop with existing phones that meet your needs, we can offer a lower cost way of getting your service. Our trunks are a simple drop in replacement for over priced phone lines. Learn More…