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Synfone service relies on reliable, stable internet connectivity in order to constantly exchange data between your phone and our servers. If the connection between your phone and our servers is degraded by network and/or connectivity issues on either end, the data exchange could be interrupted and your call quality may be impacted. To assist in troubleshooting where network/connectivity issues may be occurring, we’ve provided a live look at our servers’ connectivity status as measured from multiple geographic regions of the U.S. here on our System Status page.

If you are experiencing call quality issues, please consult the graph for your geographic area on the System Status page and examine the two most important parameters, “Up” & “Avg”. If the “Up” value contains anything less than “100%” and the “Avg” value is higher than “20ms”, we may be experiencing network issues which could be causing you to experience call-quality issues. Since we constantly monitor various important parameters related to providing our service, should we be experiencing network-related issues, we are almost certainly aware of them and are already in the process of troubleshooting and/or resolving them as quickly as possible. If the “Up” value contains “100%” and the “Avg” value is less than “100ms”, you may be experiencing network or connectivity issues at your office/location which could be causing you to experience call-quality issues. Because your Synfone service transfers real-time voice/audio information at very high rates, the type of data exchange required between your phones and our servers is quite different from the usual type of internet-based transfer that you’re used to, such as Email or web browsing, which are much more resilient to having their data transfers interrupted. Although these activities may appear to be working correctly from your computer or workstation, there could be other unnoticeable issues occurring along the way that can impact the performance of your Synfone service. In this scenario, we recommend that you contact your IT support staff and/or your Internet Service Provider as further action will need to be taken in order to identify what components on your, or your provider’s, network(s) may be affecting call quality.

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You may use any of these methods to reach our support team and open a support ticket:

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  • call us at 877-316-7290
  • text us at 877-316-7290
    • By texting this number, you give your consent to Synfone to contact you via text message for support and other account related communications including by the use of automated systems.
    • You can withdraw your consent to receive text messages from Synfone at any time by sending or replying with the word “STOP”.