Combine the services of Synfone and Frax for your homecare business

Some tasks are important to the smooth operation of your homecare business, but they don’t necessarily grow it. There’s a Frax for that! Frax provides a 24/7 contact center and full back office support tailored specifically for senior care. They do important tasks which frees you up to do critical ones. Click here to learn more about Frax and their services.

Synfone has partnered with Frax to provide telephone service to homecare businesses so that they have one less distraction to deal with. Synfone offers a variety of solutions specifically designed to make the connection between these businesses and Frax.

Based on this relationship with Frax, Synfone services are available to Frax subscribers at a discounted rate.

To learn more or to get started with a Synfone and Frax solution, please complete the form and someone will contact you promptly to answer your questions and assist in the on-boarding process.