3CX Phone System SBC for up to 70 extensions / 24 sim calls

3CX Phone System SBC for up to 70 extensions / 24 sim calls


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  • Compatible with 3CX Phone System 15+ and supports a maximum of 70 extensions / 24 sim calls
  • Fully assembled Raspberry Pi 4, case, 16GB SD Card & power supply
  • OS installed & custom tuned by FS Comm – Advanced Certified 3CX Partner
  • Can be bundled with an optional 3CX Phone System Annual License
  • Fully Plug-n-Play if 3CX Server FQDN & Tunnel Password are provided during purchase (using the order notes section at checkout)


If you provide your 3CX Server FQDN & Tunnel Password during purchase, we will install/configure the 3CX SBC service for a fully configured, drop-in, plug-n-play, SBC device.


The 3CX SBC is deployed to remote offices where there are more than 2 or 3 IP Phones, to direct only their signaling through the 3CX Tunnel and keep the media streams local which reduces the amount of internet bandwidth that local calls between phones use. SBC will bundle all SIP traffic over a single TCP port which simplifies your deployment by reducing firewall configuration. In addition 3CX SBC will add stability & security and allow you to easily manage and provision your IP Phones remotely.

Device Details

  • Minimal OS
  • DHCP (default)
  • Non-essential components disabled
  • Latest OS updates installed
  • Customized boot/localization
  • Accessible via SSH or console using the default Raspberry Pi username/password: pi/raspberry

Manual Setup Instructions

  1. Connect SBC to LAN, power, monitor, and keyboard & power on device
  2. After SBC device boots, login to SBC device console (pi/raspberry)
  3. Optionally make any OS/device changes desired (network, time zone, etc.)
  4. Follow the steps from the “Install and Configure the 3CX SBC on Debian & Raspbian Linux” on the 3CX website